Sorry, I love you man... more than words can say - Binary Code art cards.


I Love You Man...

...more than words can say!

I like mixing science and art. This week I am continuing my theme of mixing computer science and art in my series of Binary Code art cards. They feature binary code messages on a love theme (don't worry, I've translated them too!) and are hand foiled in gold and holographic red. They also feature some fancy cut work and some recycled floppy disks (the actual floppy bit) which were left overs from making my floppy disk notebooks that feature in my ArtFire and Folksy shops (I waste nothing)! Can you spot where I've used them? No? You need to look a little closer... ;-)

Got it yet?!

I'll be adding to my Binary Code art cards collection over the weeks and months - watch out for the latest additions!

Not only perfect for the special computer-loving person in your life, these make great cards to send to anyone who likes something a little bit different from the norm. Valentine's Day, anniversaries, proposals, weddings, declarations of plain undying love or just days where you have totally and utterly stuffed up and need to bring a smile to their face (as well as say sorry)...

Check them out in my ArtFire or Folksy shops this weekend!