Are weekends supposed to be THIS busy?!

I don't think I've put my head above the parapet for three solid weeks now and the weekends and week days have been blending into one.

However, suffice to say that some big deadlines have been met, some new orders in, made and shipped, my signature rosebud garlands now adorn a new customisable favour box range in my Folksy and ArtFire shops and some new designs are buzzing around on the table. On top of that I got involved in a couple of Folksy Fridays of my own and met some fab people in the process and I was featured in another curated collection over on ArtFire, so it's all good.

Oh and I took the handmade pledge today too! :-)

Now if the clocks would add in a few more hours per day for a little rest and relaxation and "me" time, all would be perfect! Must put that on my agenda from tomorrow!

Good job I LOVE what I do! (And how many people can say that these days?) :-)