A Geeky (Folksy) Friday!

Wow! It's nearly the weekend already. How the time flies when you're having fun and designing new goodies.... Geeky goodies at that...

So fitting that my favoured 5.25" floppy notebooks are featured in Geeky Folksy Friday by Leopard Print Bee. :-)

So, featured in another online collection!

"So what?" I hear you say?

Well it *IS* a big deal. It's a big deal to me anyway. To be honest it really *IS* an honour for someone to notice and feature your creations - as is every customer who buys it too. How *can* anyone not fully appreciate that? So every time that I receive feedback, a little email or enquiry, or my goodies are featured somewhere, bought by someone or I receive a commission for some of the other work that I do (desperately trying to get some of it online before it is sold and shipped!) you should know that this creator really DOES appreciate it and that you have actually made my day.

If I wanted a soulless shop front with bought in goods made en masse from overseas I'd be on the high street (there are plenty of empty shop shells available), but I'm not.
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Leopard Print Bee said...

Lovely post. I'm thrilled you appreciate it!

Your items are amazing; keep making more! :] x

Caroline Hodson said...

Thankyou! (You're too kind)

Hopefully will have some really retro goodies up in the not so distant future too! :-) Watch this space!